The Hold Steady – “Heaven Is Whenever”

Sometimes I write short reviews and pad them out with strange and irrelevant movie scripts or concepts or some such. Sometimes, I write reviews that are far too long without any such nonsense. This is one of those second sometimes. The Hold Steady’s Heaven Is Whenever: ffffaaaannnnttttaaaaaassssttttiiiiccc.

So with guitarist Tad Kubler more front and centre than he’s been since, perhaps, Almost Killed Me, the band’s oft-underrated debut album, The Hold Steady deliver us what they promise is a “less anthemic” record, with nods to more cinematic musical stylings. But since this is The Hold Steady we’re talking about, that basically just means that the anthemic choruses are present and correct, but there are slightly more bits that aren’t choruses. There might also be 40% less “whoa-whoas” than usual, but I’ve yet to do the proper maths on that.

I enjoy music when it is this music.


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