Sugar Army – “The Parallels Amongst Ourselves”

I have written something, and labelled it a review of Sugar Army’s The Parallels Amongst Ourselves album. It looks, at times, like this:

Look – there’s clearly a talented band in here. And there’s certainly room for an impressively anthemic chorus or two in everyone’s iTunes library, especially when they’re as layered and pleasingly formed as these. If you’re making a playlist filled with Muse and Sigur Ros, they’ll fit right in. A song or two could be huge on college radio, or whatever the post-millennial equivalent is. The internet, I suppose. The guys at Pitchfork might love this like they undoubtedly love their second cousins at every other family gathering. But they wouldn’t have an excellent alt-text for the album art like I do.

And the rest of it looks nothing like that. But that’s the important bit.


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