Also Not As Smart

So Slash’s solo album is coming out soon, with something of a star-studded line-up. Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop… um… Fergie… and uh… that chick out of Wolfmother. Oh, and long time friend of this blog, Chris Cornell! He’s on there. And now? Now you can hear Cornell’s track in its entirety thanks to the streaming wunderkind that is Youtube.

Yes: it’s sort of okay, but at the same time, sort of woeful. I don’t have any big thoughts about it (mostly due to it being so boring and staid), but I do want to compare “Cornell the lyricist” in 2010 to “Cornell the lyricist” of 1994. Just for kicks.

“The first day I ever saw you
You had that faraway look in your eyes
And heavens light shined down upon you
And the whole room filled up with light.”

(From “Promise”, 2010)

“Shower in the dark day
Clean sparks driving down
Cool in the waterway
Where the baptized drown
Naked in the cold sun
Breathing life like fire
Thought I was the only one
But that was just a lie”

(From “4th of July”, 1994)

Just sayin’: doesn’t exactly bode well for any Soundgarden reunion that may or may not be upcoming.


One Response to Also Not As Smart

  1. “It’s a song that you would write to either a young friend or one of your children, giving them advice “don’t let the world get you down because it’s going to try…” – Chris Cornell, Classic Rock, 2010

    Back in 1994, Cornell didn’t know what it was to be a father. Now he does. I hope one day, you’ll discover how it feels to look at your newborn child and feel the room has been flooded with light. And to want to ask that child to “promise me you won’t let them put out your fire”.

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