The Phantom Family Halo’s Sci-Fi Monster Movie Extravaganza

This review took ages to get around to writing, but was surprisingly easy to write once I got around to it. Mostly because I focused more on writing nonsensical nothings instead of actually talking about the music. Oh well. It looks a little like this in places:

Ahem. It’s not that there are no words to describe the Phantom Family Halo’s recent offering: it’s just hard to string whatever words come to mind into a working sentence. Let us be quite clear: the Phantom Family Halo are a bit mad. Deliberately so, perhaps, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that listening to Monoliths & These Flowers Never Die feels a bit like watching an obscure 1950’s sci-fi B-movie about a startlingly absurd race of space-robots coming to Earth to steal 48% of our womenfolk for creepy cross-breeding purposes, while you’re simultaneously being repeatedly punched in the noggin by Doctor Wittgenstein.

So, yeah. You’d better go read, lest that never make a lick of sense to anyone.


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