Radio Bile: “Let’s cut to the chase: I made a crap band cry.”

Left it a little late to link to Radio Bile this week. Put it down to laziness and/or… Um… It’s probably just laziness. Still, the thingy looks like this:

Two music matters that I was forced to care about this week: my review of Sweethead’s album, which went up yesterday, and the power of my words. I know that sounds horribly self-deluded, but come on, I’m a music critic: it’s fair to say that as a group, music critics are 45% ego, 45% English degree, and 10% hair. And anyway, I was made to consider the negative power of my words, so it was actually quite a harrowing experience, thank you very much. Let’s cut to the chase: I made a crap band cry. With a review on this very website.

So that’ll do for now. Go read that, and then come back later, when I’ll have thought of something to say about something.


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