Sweethead – “Sweethead”

I’ve reviewed these guys before. I liked them. I really liked them. But they don’t like me – no, instead they released a fairly staid album, possibly containing one song repeated one… two… twelve times! Luckily, it’s a good enough song, but it’s still pretty underwhelming. Disappointed, I begin this new review like this:

I sure hope the record company suit who decided it’d be a good idea to release Sweethead’s debut album in early November is picking bullet fragments out of his own navicular bone right now. Sweethead, if you didn’t know, are the side project of Queens of the Stone Age’s multi-purpose axeman, Troy Van Leeuwen. The very same Troy Van Leeuwen whose QOTSA cohort, Josh Homme, chose to release his side project (a little-known group called Them Crooked Vultures – look ‘em up, and remember, you heard it here first, yes sir) in early November. There’s no way Sweethead are getting any of the QOTSA-side-project attention. It’s a little bit like if John The Baptist had come back from the dead the same week as Jesus, or All Saints reforming the same week as Sleater-Kinney, or a street magician doing his best trick while another guy moons a constable. Everyone’s looking the other way, guys.

So you should already be reading the full thing, right? Go on, click the quote. Dooooo it.


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