Radio Bile: “Unendingly, gruesomely stupid, like a lobotomised, shaved badger”

The most disturbing logo you're likely to see this year. Until one with my face appears, at least.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users can play a fun game with this week’s Radio Bile: note all the jokes I came up with last night, and ended up using again in this article. I didn’t say it was a fun game. Also, please try not to take the first bit too personally, even though I wrote it with you in mind. You.

People are stupid. Unendingly, gruesomely stupid, like a lobotomised, shaved badger – every last one of us a fetid, gormless lump of uselessness.

I apologise for the crass generalisation there, but really, it needed to be said. And really, I should have said it in big bold letters: a collection of blithe, oblivious pixels, squatted thoughtlessly right there on your screen, taunting the entire laughable idea of your pointless existence. A person is just a massive stockpile of meat and sweat, given two arms and an ugly face, granted the ability to totter around meaninglessly by the aimless dalliances of evolution, and cursed to be forever incapable of anything resembling intelligent thought in large groups. People are stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.



One Response to Radio Bile: “Unendingly, gruesomely stupid, like a lobotomised, shaved badger”

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