Ham Sandwich – Whelan’s, Dublin (7/11/09)

This looks like something at a modern art gallery. It is not. It is some rock stars.

Ham Sandwich once more rocked my socks right out of my shoes last night. According to the Laws of Sock Rocking Beats, I documented it for ZME. It starts with words resembling the following:

And to think that some people are still deluded enough to believe that U2 are Ireland’s premier live band.

I don’t know if it’s sheer media saturation that’s perpetuated that myth, or just widespread ignorance, but it needs to be stamped out post-haste. Bono can take his impossibly huge stage monstrosities and stick them where the streets have no name; Ham Sandwich have claimed the crown so wrongly placed on Hewson’s overinflated noggin, and painted it neon. Let me make myself perfectly clear: a Ham Sandwich gig is a splendid thing to witness.

I may come across as less of an objective reviewer, and more of a preening fanboy with a dictionary. In reality, both are true.


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