Wordythinks: Episode 3 – Musical Musings

The most mind-blowingly awesome banner I've ever created, right? RIGHT?

Another podcast for you, my luvverlies. This time, myself and the goodly David “Coyote Trax” Kirk eschew the fabulous, mystical lands of the webcomics, foregoing the opportunity to capitalise on his new WordPress website, and instead focus our steely gazes on the dripping, soggy carcass of the music biz. Under our critical eye this time:

It’s a circuitous, depressing listen, certainly. Anyway, take a gander at the RSS feed, the iTunes feed, or the straight MP3 feed, and feast on it to your heart’s content. And please do tell your family and friends how excellent and informative the podcast was, even if you’re lying.


2 Responses to Wordythinks: Episode 3 – Musical Musings

  1. coyotetrax says:

    I wholly endorse this shameful example of our work.

  2. PMS says:

    demanding better is perfectly alright, but we can also add to the music by giving the bands better music 🙂 It’s all sound and vision after all

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