Default: ‘Comes and Goes’

Default, apparently photographed during their brief stint recording in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' sewer lair.

Embarrassing story: I used to really like Default. “Wasting My Time” was probably one of my favourite songs of 2002. Ah, more innocent, stupid times. Anyway, their fourth album came out to little or no fanfare this Monday, probably due to it being a Canadia-only release. To redress the balance, I review it for a continent full of people who can’t buy it.

You probably don’t remember this, or perhaps you’ve simply blocked it out of your memory, but back in the earlier part of this decade, Chad Kroeger wasn’t just the annoying, frog-faced, inexplicably popular lead singer of turd-rock band Nickelback. No, in the dark days of Space Year 2002, Kroeger tried his hand at being something of a mogul, and with his attorney friend Jonathan Simpkin, founded a record label: 604 Records. To date, the only band I’ve heard of from this helpful Wikipedia list is Theory of a Deadman (a.k.a. Nickelback Jr), which suggests Kroeger’s talents as an A&R man are roughly equivalent to his talents as a rock singer. (Also, upon further investigation, all of the bands listed are uniformly awful, although The Organ are redeemed slightly by their hilariously lewd band name. Snigger.)

Admittedly, this isn’t strictly relevant to this review – I’m just a sucker for any opportunity to point out what a scum-sucking, vomit-spewing, painfully ugly, cancerous sore on the diseased, puckered, inflated lymph nodes of the music industry Chad Kroeger is, both as singer and as Record Label Fella #24. Which makes his relationship with Default all the more surprising.

Actually, that sample only mentions the band once, and tangentially at that, but I promise I do actually talk about Comes And Goes at some point. Briefly. And despite the middling mark, I do think you should give them a fair listen – they’re not brilliant, but they’re sufficiently entertaining, like the musical equivalent of a straight-to-DVD movie.

Still. Chad Kroeger. What a prat, eh?


4 Responses to Default: ‘Comes and Goes’

  1. Brent says:

    you are a moron, sure maybe you dont like him or nickelback thats fine every retard is entitled to their opinion but you cant deny the fact that kroegers talents have only made him the biggest selling rock band of the last decade, selling over 30 millions records. so instead of insulting nickelback in a blog that nobody would read untill they see its talking about nickelback. Instead of listening to songs about blowjobs sex and bad girlfriends(by the way theory of a deadman rocks) go play prince of persia listen to stuart chatwood and rid the internet of your fucking stupidity and opinions

  2. Mister Hands says:

    Um… I suppose I must admit that Kroeger has sold a lot of records. It’s a sad fact, up there with “Britney Spears still has a recording career”, and “Chris Cornell’s Scream wasn’t just a bad dream”.

    Still, you make a convincing argument, of course. I should go play Prince of Persia – it’d be a damn sight more rewarding than replying to a frankly stupid comment.

  3. Brent says:

    oh please i bet you dance and sing im a slave for you in the shower, actually i bet your late30s mid 40s bald and a virgin the only excitement you have in life is this stupid blog

  4. Mister Hands says:

    What I sing in the shower is nobody’s business.

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