Wordythinks: Webcomics Episode 2 – “Here’s the Thing: SMBC Critique”

If I seem overly mean about SMBC Theatre, it's only because it's awful.

As that horribly overlong post title cleverly indicates, this is indeed episode two of the podcast engineered by myself and David “Coyote Trax” Kirk. And, as once more forecast by the title, this time around we’re taking a gander under the frills of Zach Weiner’s SMBC-brand skirt. Weiner’s SMBC webcomic has been running for… umm… ooh, a good long while now, and it’s really rather excellent. His new-fangled and confusing sketch comedy project, SMBC Theatre, is less excellent. By far. If you feel like listening to myself and Trax witter on about it at length, there are a number of ways you can indulge your silly desire.

You can subscribe to the Wordythinks: Webcomics RSS feed here, or you can subscribe via iTunes by clicking here. Alternatively, you can just right click the following link – THE LINK – and save the mp3 directly to your hard drive of choice.



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