Webcomics Wordythinks – Episode One: Get Down On Yourself – Starslip Critique

The fine crew of the Fuseli, beside a hastily Photoshop-reconstructed Starslip logo.

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It was bound to happen eventually, y’know. Myself and my fellow traveller on these here internets, David “Coyote Trax” Kirk, finally cracked. At long last, we’ve decided that we’re sufficiently important, sufficiently self-important, and probably sufficiently impotent, to have our own podcast. And thus it is so: Episode One of Wordythinks is live and waiting for your keen, dangling ears to give it some loving attention.

This time out, we’re taking a look at the collected comic catalogue of the wonderful Kris Straub, and his Starslip comic in particular. We’re also diving headfirst into a deep, murky sea of off-topic tangents, namedropping, and the time-honoured pursuit of laughing at our own jokes. It’s worth listening to just to hear us try to reel off our various homes on the web.

So do it: the mp3 is here: Webcomics Wordythinks – Episode One


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