Soulsavers – Broken

This is the same picture every other Soulsavers article uses, because it's seemingly the only picture featuring both a Soulsaver and the elusive Lanegan. Needless to say, I'm far too lazy to buck the trend.

Another review’s gone up on ZME, this time of the wonderful collaborations betwixt them there Soulsavers and Mark Lanegan. I previewed this a while back on this very blog, promising that I’d write more about Lanegan’s work very soon. This is the sum total of what I’ve written about him since. I’m so prolific. Fittingly, the first fifth of the review isn’t even about him. Or the album at all.

I clearly don’t know about you – and let’s face it, you probably prefer it that way – but I’m not a particularly splendid example of a human being. You can tell by the kind of accusations that have been slung in my poxy, four-eyed face. No one’s ever verbally accosted me for giving too much money to charity, for example. Instead, I’ve been accused of pirating music (true), being an anti-Semite (false), being a jerk (true), running some sort of bizarre anti-American campaign (mostly false), and – courtesy of the readers of this very site – of being an acne-stricken nerd who has no concept of what makes music good or bad and hates anything that doesn’t live up to my lofty, elitist standards. That one’s false too: I don’t have acne.

Truth be told, I’m a bad person. But being a horrible person has its upsides. For one thing, the complete lack of guilt and shame really loosens your moral compass. Slandering a friend on a podcast? No problem! Embezzling money from my immediate family? All in a day’s work! Ruthlessly establishing myself as the bloodsoaked King of the Apes? Soon, my pretties, soon. But, more relevantly, being bad means you get to experience the sweet, sweet joy of deathbed-bound redemption.

That’s where Soulsavers’ new album, Broken, comes in. It’s redemption in a CD sleeve.

So, go read it, you awful sod. (Unless you’re not an awful sod, in which case, you should still go read it.)


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