The Pod People

Yes: I'm so rubbish at Photoshop.
Here’s why podcasts are excellent: they’re like a filter for your ears and brain. No longer must we listen to the witless, racist rantings of radio call-ins, or the witless, racist rantings of American talk show hosts, or the witless, racist rantings of our immediate families. In the magical land of podcasts, you can ensure that everyone you listen to is witty, intelligent and interesting. And now? Now I’ll present to you my favourites of the podcasts.

The Rock, Paper, Shotgun Electronic Wireless Show

The lovely folks over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun do a sometimes weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, sometimes irregular, always enjoyable podcast about the state of computerised game-based entertainment. You’ll more than likely end up listening to the Bath contingent of the RPS quartet (Jim Rossignol and John Walker), since the London contingent (Kieron Gillen and Alec Meer) are far more inconsistent with their podcasting. I’ll respectfully ascribe this inconsistency to Gillen and Meer’s hectic work schedule, rather than the more likely culprit of drunkeness. But! The fact that Jim and John are wonderfully friendly, irreverent hosts makes their continued domination of the podcasts a Good Thing. Listen with your ears here.

The Brainy Gamer Podcast

The best part of the Brainy Gamer Podcast is that it’s not a misnomer. Michael Abbott – the titular Brainy Gamer – presents a splendid, insightful look at the big and small issues of the gaming landscape – continuing the remit of his blog, which always makes for fantastic reading (even if it often makes me feel intellectually feeble by comparison – which I blatantly am). Abbott has a habit (yes! Inadvertent rhyme!) of inviting some great guests onto his show, including – but not limited to – Leigh Alexander, Mitch Krpata and Clint Hocking. Right now, he’s in the middle of a series of “Gamers Confabs”, which really do make for great listening. Do so here. (Just don’t listen to it straight after the RPS podcast: the contrast between RPS’ chummy, off-the-cuff style and Abbott’s slick, American radio host style is disconcerting and upsetting.)

Webcomics Weekly

The first podcast I ever subscribed to. *sniff* The product of the Halfpixel team (Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar), its ostensible function is to answer listeners’ questions about the business and craft of webcomics creation. The more apparent function is to be a brilliantly funny podcast full of rat-holes and tangents and impressions and puns – it’s the only podcast to make me laugh loud enough to wake my sleeping family. Which isn’t to say it’s not informative and educational – it is – but it’s also so very hilarious. It’s almost worth listening to for Brad Guigar’s hearty laugh alone. Excellently, myself and Dave Kellett share a favourite moment from the podcast, and it can be summed up in four completely contextless words: Murray The Taxi Driver. Splendid. ATTENTION: SUBSCRIBE HERE.

Rum Doings

And finally, we return to the inexhaustable treasure trove that is John Walker’s mind, for the Rum Doings podcast. Its continuing mission: to be a podcast about nothing. Along for the ride is the terrifically idiosyncratic Nick Mailer (sample quote: “I don’t like the notion of sleep – I distrust it”), and together they decide on a topic for each episode, then promptly discard and avoid it for the duration. It’s possibly the most inherently British podcast in existence, and I mean that in a very good way – this is the podcast for the people who want to know why the letter Q is getting above its station, rather than wanting to know about something so brutish as sports. Get Rummy here.


One Response to The Pod People

  1. Hi Alan. Thanks very much for the kind words about my podcast. I’m glad you enjoy the show. You may be interested to know that I share your enthusiasm for the RPS gang, and even *I* can’t stomach my show after listening to theirs. I sound like I’m broadcasting in a tuxedo while they’re lounging in t-shirts and jeans. I also have a nagging suspicion they’re smarter than me, despite my moniker. 😉

    Thanks for listening.

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