Eagles of Death Metal – The Academy, Dublin (26/8/09)

I Only Want You (to click through to the review proper)

So, once again, myself and Amy wandered into the murky halls of The Academy for another go at this “gig” malarkey. This time, we both enjoyed the resulting musical extravaganza, although only one of us fell in love with the frontman, who looks like an old teacher of ours. My review of the gig looks like this:

Rock n’ roll is a wonderful, chaotic beast. Borne of a decadent tryst between blues and boogie, it’s grown from its simple, Chuck Berry beginnings into a many-tendriled monster, sprouting new bands and sub-genres from every possible pustular orifice. And while a lot of the descendent bands have grown up to be hideously ugly and malformed (just look in the metal section of your nearest endangered music store), some of these bands cling to the ever-beautiful original ideals of rock n’ roll: exciting, pulsing music, full of vigour, ego, humour, and raw sexuality, like a musical version of Gregory House. The Eagles of Death Metal, however, don’t just cling to those ideals – they ride bareback on them.

Strutting on stage to the sweet strains of Kool & The Gang’s “Ladies’ Night”, the Eagles of Death Metal were immediately in command of the entire assembled throng. Charismatic frontman Jesse Hughes tore around the front of the stage, slapping five with the audience, and working the crowd into an adulating lather. Best of all, he was sporting the most impressively bombastic moustache/shades combo this side of Magnum P.I. era Tom Selleck.

If you don’t read it, I’ll cry. Right here. Tears everywhere. It’ll be awful, and you’ll feel really guilty.


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