Sleater-Kinney: I Miss Them So

The drummer, Janet Weiss (centre), is probably some kind of machine, disguised as an impossibly talented lady.

Sleater-Kinney, then. Not just one of the most important rock bands that most people have never heard of, but also one of the most fun and energetic rock bands that ever existed. Today is exactly three years since they played their very last show in the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon (some obscure muso by the name of Ed Vedder was the opening act). So, in honour of that sad anniversary, I’ve decided to show my readers(all four of you) how utterly magnificent they were in action, live at Coachella in 2006.

What’s Mine Is Yours





The Fox

Get Up

Modern Girl

Step Aside

Let’s Call It Love/Jam/Entertain

(Huge thanks to youtube user Javacity for all those videos)

Also, don’t be afraid to read my retrospective gushings about Sleater-Kinney’s swansong, The Woods, over on ZME. It’s fanboy purple prose at its best.


One Response to Sleater-Kinney: I Miss Them So

  1. mattbrooklyn says:

    great vids. thanks.
    god i miss them too.


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