Jason Isbell: Whelan’s, Dublin (20/6/09)

His voice was as clear "Isbell". HahahahahahahahaAAAA!

So: with reliable concert fuzzbuddy CoyoteTrax in tow, I returned to Whelan’s last night, and took a front row seat for Jason Isbell’s acoustic show. It was a good ‘un, son – not quite as good as his former partners-in-crime, the Drive-By Truckers’ show in Manchester last year, but certainly cheaper and more convenient. So yay for that. About it, I said this, among other things:

Clichés are basically the exact opposite of a box of chocolates: you always know what you’re gonna get next. The key to making clichés work in songwriting is to couch the clichés in a bunch of other interesting stuff so that they’re not all that important to the song, in the end. This is a lesson I learned last night, watching Jason Isbell give a fantastic performance upstairs in Whelan’s.


Accompanied by the talented Browan Lollar (seemingly played by Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Isbell certainly didn’t let the fact that he was playing an acoustic show in a tiny venue diminish his status as the Drive-By Truckers’ erstwhile guitar guru. Indeed, the biggest cheers of the night came for the Truckers’ songs (”Outfit” was a particularly popular choice, and rightfully so) or the more extravagant guitar heroics.

Read the review, guy!


2 Responses to Jason Isbell: Whelan’s, Dublin (20/6/09)

  1. Diarmuid says:

    This was certainly a fantastic gig. I loved the guitar solos! Those American girls in the Irish rugby jerseys also made an impression!

    I also took the trip to Manchester last year to see the Drive By Truckers as the last time they played in Whelans I had a ticket but for some stupid reason got the nights mixed up and missed the gig.

  2. Ronan says:

    Great gig. But not as good as his show downstairs last year. Will do my review of it over the weekend.

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