Sweethead – The Great Disruptors EP

Those are some sweet heads. *cough*

Yup – another review-o-link. And once more, the link might encounter some server issues for a while – I’m sure it’ll fix itself eventually. It’s things like server difficulties that make me glad I’m a contributor rather than an administrator at ZME. Anyway: Sweethead.

With PJ Harvey taking various detours away from her intelli-punk rock of old, Brody Dalle’s Spinerette sounding less like the Distillers than a slightly more modern No Doubt, and Courtney Love continuing to disappear into a putrid puddle of confused irrelevance, there’s a gaping hole in the rock industry for a glam-punk-rock femme fatale to fill the void. Enter Serrina Sims, who – despite having a name that sounds like a contrived publicity figure for a new EA video game – seems to have all the credentials to take the vacated crown: vampish looks, sultry vocals, and a backing band to die for.

Yes, Sweethead: it’s the latest side project from the whole Californian Desert Rock scene, if such a thing can really be said to exist. The most recognisable face of the lot comes in the form of the fantastically dapper Troy Van Leeuwen, better known for his role as guitarist in Queens of the Stone Age, and he brings a lot of that bands sensibilities to Sweethead’s EP: fuzzed-out bass, a potent mix of sludgy and sharp guitar, and healthy dose of coked-out decadence. Rounding out the group on bass and drums respectively are Eddie Nappi and Norm Block, alumni of the Bubblegum-era Mark Lanegan Band, so there’s a healthy pedigree when it comes to this style of music.

Go read, if you can/dare. I’m-a go back to listening to Ham Sammich’s album on constant repeat.

Update: Everything should be sorted now. Click through, friends!


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