Ham Sandwich – Whelan’s (13/6/09)

Dear sweet Moses, I love this band.

So, I saw what can only be described as a “real good gig” last night. Actually, it could also be described as “fantastic”, “splendid”, or “semprini”. About it, I had this to say:

We’re three songs into Ham Sandwich’s set in Whelan’s, and the entire crowd is already covered in confetti and there are maybe ten beach ball-sized balloons being batted between audience and band. Everyone in the venue is either grinning madly or openly laughing. Ham Sandwich are clearly here to have some fun.

The first thing that strikes you about the band is, shallow as it sounds, how they look.  The contrast between the singers was incredible: lead singer Niamh Farrell resembled an expensive doll, with her simple black and white dress and her porcelain skin. Podge McNamee, meanwhile, strolled on stage in a garish yellow suit (with the trousers shorn into hotpants minutes beforehand) and similarly yellow Cons, looking for all the world like a cross between an indie singer and the presenter of an 80’s kids’ TV variety show.

Read the rest of the review, where I talk about the actual music a little bit, and then shamelessly pimp CoyoteTrax’s blog.



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