Been Stalkin’

I have far too little time on my hands to be doing this. Oh well.

Just before I toddle off to bed: I launched a new blog today. This time, I’m reporting from the barren wastelands of Chernobyl as I try to live up S.T.A.L.K.E.R.’s name. By stalking.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl (or, as I’ll refer to it from now on, STALKER) was a great game – atmospheric, huge, and charmingly broken. Disappointingly though, because of its extended gestation period and overambitious pre-release hype, the final product failed to live  up to a lot of people’s expectations. Which is unfortunate, but that’s not even the worst part.

It failed to live up to its own name. Despite bearing a title promising a deluge of lurid lurking and binocular-enhanced spying in a post-meltdown wasteland, the game mostly focused on shooting people and mutants alike in the face.

That’s where this blog comes in.

Ever wonder what stories the other Stalkers had to tell? How about the rival factions? You’d always see them having unscripted shoot-outs with each other – what caused that? What was the after-effect? What was the goriest, funniest death? What Russian swears were most popular throughout? And what did the gun-happy military types get up to when they weren’t spotting you at completely unreasonable distances?

They’re the stories I want STALKER to tell – from now on, I’m less the main character, more the cameraman. I’m like a post-apocalyptic Steve Irwin, risking my life to bring you fascinating glimpses into stories you’d never see otherwise. And my fate will likely be no different to his, and here’s why: I’m going to try to do this without arming myself to any great extent.

It seems a difficult trick to pull off – when most NPCs tend to fire at you from 5,000 feet away, shooting back seems to be the only way of staying alive. So I’ll only be resorting to gunplay as a last-ditch self-defence effort. And even then, I’ll try to keep myself limited to pistols. As far as possible, I’m a neutral observer; taking on no missions, seeking no artifacts… just stalking, baby. Cos that’s what I am.


Shadower of Chernobyl.

So, y’know, go read. Unless you’re some sort of awful killjoy.


One Response to Been Stalkin’

  1. Targenor says:

    Stalker is a good game, a bit hard but i liked it.
    Now i probably got to play it from the begining or from some savepoint when i am at the end and don´t have any medkits.

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