Fever Ray – ‘Fever Ray’

Um... it's really hard to find promo pictures for these guys.

Another review’s up on ZME Music. This time, it’s Fever Ray, the band whose video you can see in the post below this.

I’ll admit that I was probably not the obvious choice to review this album. Not only is the world of electronic music a distant, confusing galaxy to my feeble, earth-bound, two-guitars-and-the-truth brain, but I’m also overcome by an unhealthy amount of uncontrollable hate when confronted by the vast array of commericial “chillout” electronica, all of which sounds like less-memorable versions of songs off Moby’s Play to me. Not to mention my incredibly consistent ability to miss the zeitgeist by a number of years – the press release for Fever Ray informed me that it’s the solo project of Karin Dreijer Andersson, who is, apparently, one half of popular beat combo The Knife. Who appear to have released an album of some popularity a few years back: Silent Shout – the album in question – was even on the receiving end of Pitchfork’s Best of 2006 award. All of which was news to me. Presumably, this means that I missed a million dead-eyed hipsters and their mothers literally wetting themselves over it.


I really should cut back on those completely inconsequential first paragraphs.


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