Ryan Smith – ‘I Just Want To Feel That Way

I fought off a brain-smothering head cold for long enough to throw together this review of Ryan Smith’s I Just Want To Feel That Way EP. Read it now, over on ZME Music. Or don’t. Whatever.

I seem to be falling into a pattern of reviewing every EP from every little-known artist that falls across my lap, looking up at me with lonely eyes, begging for some loving attention and a little recognition. Which is fine – I’d like to think that years from now, at least one of these guys will be megastars, playing to sold our arenas around the globe, soaking in untold riches and worldwide adulation, more famous than Elvis, more treasured than oxygen. Or, y’know, charting for a week or two at the very least. And at that point, they’ll look back at my review here on ZME, and say to themselves, “Apart from the seemingly obligatory pointless first paragraph, that was a key review for us.”

One person unlikely to make that particular dream come true is this person: Ryan Smith. His EP, I Just Want To Feel That Way, is unremarkable in… ooh, let’s see… every possible way. From his breathy vocals – pitched somewhere between “sad emo kid” and “90’s alternative popstar cashing in on grunge’s rocketing popularity” – to the politely distorted guitars backing him up, this is a collection that fails to distinguish itself in any particular way, eventually succumbing to its own anonymity, and collapsing into a faint, mushy memory.

Yeah, it’s a little mean.


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