Links… Shine a Light?

Well, first of all, yay: I’m now the proud owner of over 2,000 hits on this blog. Which is 1,998 more than Poplars ever got, and 2,000 more than Al’s Articles ever got. All of which is very overwhelming, but that’s just a tentative way of broaching the real topic of this post.

WordPress has a fancy gadget that tells you what links people have clicked to your blog from. Usually, these are fairly rote: links I’ve posted on message boards, ZME Music stuffs, even odd things like links to my Cornell smackdown from the John Frusciante message board.

But this takes the proverbial cake. In the most baffling thing to ever happen, today I’ve received not one, but two links from here.

Um… what? Did I make a post about Hurricane Katrina that I’m not aware of? Please enlighten me, someone. Also: hi, Katrina-link-clickers! Sorry if I disappointed you with a complete lack of Katrina coverage and/or retrospectives and/or brief mentions.


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