Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You

Another review’s just gone live over at ZME Music. This time: chavvy songstress, Lily Allen. Who’s still making great music, and is still pretty cute besides.

Lily Allen’s debut album, Alright, Still was something of a guilty pleasure for me, even though it shouldn’t have been all that guilty at all. It was an unabashedly great pop album (and one that spawned too many imitators, of which only Kate Nash was tolerable) but that fact always managed to hide beneath a thick layer of tabloid gobbiness on Ms Allen’s part. The interim between then and now has been frought with personal difficulties for the lass – break-ups, miscarriagies, failed chat shows… y’know, the usual popstar stuff. So how does It’s Not Me, It’s You, her sophomore album, stack up?

Reading the full review will make Baby Jesus smile.


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