It’s a What?

Like most people on WordPress, I get a lot of my views through AlphaInventions. It’s a wonderful site, which gives both viewers, and tips on how to run a successful blog. One such tip was this golden nugget: “Use sense of humour.” Which, for all its grammatical horror, is a good idea.

Believe it or not, I used to “do” a comedy website. It’s over there in the links. Poplars R Us. It was at best patchy, at worst, a complete rip-off of the goodly Mr. Biffo, but hot damn, it was updated regularly, until it wasn’t. I ran it with a fellow by the name of David “Guy” Kirk, and we had some fine times while we were running it. Interviewing a bigoted priest… Getting a respected politician to pose with a packet of Trebor Softmints because his name sounded vaguely like the sweets… Assorted t-shirt-making windbaggery… Good times.

Anyways, it’s come to my attention that Kirk (under the cunning pen name of “Coyote Trax”) now “does” his own blog, Webcomics Critique, dedicated to the dissection and defamation of various lesser known comics-that-are-webbed. So go on and have a gander. Tell him Al sent you.

And that I want my money.


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