Shameless Linkage

I’ve got my first review up over on ZME Music.

All this modern, new-fangled indie music tends to breeze right by me, if I’m honest. And I’m not sure it’s not deliberate on my part. If there ever seems to be a bleeding edge to the music scene, I always tend to wrap myself in metaphorical bandages and run straight in the other direction, screaming girlishly. When awful, retro-fashiontastic bands like Franz Ferdinand and The Killers were running roughshod over the charts, I was off listening to Pearl Jam and the Screaming Trees. As unremarkable groups like Glasvegas and the Gaslight Anthem smear their music across the bright spotlight of the mainstream, I’m huddled in a dark corner, happy to explore bands like the Drive-By Truckers, My Morning Jacket and the Gutter Twins, cheerily avoiding the Next Big Thing.

One such Next Big Thing all the kids seem to be talking about is MGMT. I think I’ve heard precisely one half of one song of theirs, which I promptly dismissed as a failure to be the Flaming Lips, assuming it was actually MGMT I was listening to (I think the song was Kids). But it seems that MGMT are just one product of a newly booming music scene over at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conneticut. And the newest group to emerge are – relevantly – Amazing Baby.

Go look, guy.


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