Of Song Titles Absurdist

So I’m pretty much officially a writer for ZME Music now. It’s a proper music website, full of lots of pretty things and word-thinks, so you should go look. You should start with the things what I wrote: namely, this news piece on a concert, and this thingy about Sigur Rós.

Done that? Good.

The bit about Sigur Rós is probably one my favourite things I’ve ever done, not just because I got to be tremendously silly in a proper news article, but also because Sigur Rós are a fantastically ridiculous entity by themselves. I mean, their lyrics are in a fake language called “Hopelandic”, and are rarely comprehensible in the least. Their music, while quite pretty, is overblown, grandiose, to the point where listening to them on a car journey makes your life feel like the last third of a slickly-produced US prime time drama (probably where a lead character is just after finding out his sister has cancer or something) crossed with the football highlights from Match of the Day.

They’re that ridiculous.

But my favourite thing about my little piece on “the Rós”, as people might call them, is the tracklisting at the end. It’s just funny to read, in a way I couldn’t have managed in four thousand drafts with twelve thousand failed jokes. Spend a few minutes looking at their songs’ names, absurd things like “Hoppípolla”, “Gobbledigook”, and “Fljótavík”: they’re just fun to say. Sigur Rós are the only band I know whose song titles can make me smile uncontrollably, and that’s amazing.

Unless there’s a Kanye West song entitled “I’m Just Gonna Go Away and Stay Quiet For A Bit”. That’d be good.

Meanwhile, I’m still fawning like a lovestruck idiot tween over this lady:


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