It’s the End of the World As We Know It… And It Sounds Great!

On the say-so of the wonderful Rock Paper Shotgun, I gave the colourful indie game The Wonderful End Of The World a go. It’s ostensibly your average Katamari Damacy clone – run over stuff to absorb it and grow LARGER – but it’s brilliantly demented. The first level introduces you to the concept as your amorphous avatar staggers around a living room, pulling grandfather clocks and plant pots into your own personal vortex. Then the second level decides reality isn’t all that fun anyway, and puts you in the middle of a game of Pong, which is happening in the middle of a game of Pacman, which is inside a game of Centipede, which is under attack from Space Invaders. It’s bloody insane, and it’s bloody good.

But there are a lot of indie games out there with mad ideas and cute execution. Not to mention a few mainstream games. So obviously, something has to set this apart from the pack – apart from being freshest in my memory, which is an obvious advantage when my mind resembles nothing so much as a shattered colander. And, sure enough, this game has something special. A soundtrack.

Nothing special there, you say. Portal had the most brilliant, most recognised, and most quotable game-song ever. And then there was the little piece of meta-indie-gaming-heaven, You Have To Burn The Rope, which was both impossibly smug, and utterly fantastic, with a great song at the end to top it off. And World of Goo just released its utterly charming score for free recently. Surely The Wonderful End of the World would have to pull off something incredible to even be worthy of mention?

Check it out.


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