Still to Come…

Quick thanks to everyone who bothered to read my little blog after finding my review of the Gutter Twins show. For someone who hasn’t even shown this site to his friends or family, getting 200 hits over the weekend is a fairly huge departure from the norm. It does raise the question of how to keep any significant portion of that audience, and the only obvious answer I can find is this: write more. So rest assured, anyone who’s still reading, there’s stuff coming. I’ve got thoughts on Bioshock and STALKER to direct into your eyes, and I should probably do something regarding the Chris Cornell situation.

So that’s all forthcoming. As it stands, I’m knee-deep in English exams, trying to contend with the brain-twisting wrongness of the Modernism exam coming two days after the Post-Modernism one, and generally running on little or no sleep. Luckily, Wednesday ends all that, and I can get down to finishing Bioshock, playing through a bit more of STALKER, and watching whatever series of House is next in line… Season 4, I think. So I’ll probably talk about that too.

In the meantime, I’ll direct your attention to the right, and up a little bit, to the Things of 2008 link. I’ve summed up my thoughts on – you guessed it – things I saw/played/heard during 2008. It also features some interesting ideas on how to educate kids about drugs, and a quality joke about John Mayer’s birth. So it’s worth a gander for now. Here’s a taste of my V For Vendetta review:

Believe it or believe it not, I’m not, and never have been, a political activist, much less a radical one. But if I was to take up arms against the government, I’d like to think I’d be quite cerebral in my remonstrations. For example, to protest the upcoming second vote on Lisbon, I’d probably explode Dublin Castle, then read a Milton poem that in some very allegorical way, explains why I did it (boredom). Also, I’d do it while wearing a rather fetching hat, and potentially a Salvador Dali mask to conceal my identity. People would hopefully be taken by my uncompromising morals, mixed with my intelligence and off-kilter wit, and join with me in overthrowing our ruthless leaders and claiming back our country through senseless violence and meaningless classical literature references.

Of course, a much more likely outcome is that people would write me off as a complete lunatic, and hand me over to the authorities at the first available opportunity, doubtlessly concerned by my apparent lack of basic comprehension – less a freedom fighter, more an utter nutter who blows up stuff, then reads poetry, conclusively proving myself insane. My handsome hat/Dali mask ensemble would soon give way to a straitjacket/padded walls combo, and my “poetry readings” would likely be replaced by incoherent mumblings as I rock slowly back and forth, curled up in the corner of my cell, having covinced myself that I am, in fact, Jesus Christ – Superstar.

A link? A link!


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