People Themselves Days

Okay, I had been writing an entry on the closing down of the current Pearl Jam BBS, but something on telly happened that takes precendent over it.

I’m watching – quite pathetically – Classic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. There’s a man in the hotseat, on the question for £300. Now, sometimes, the show will throw a curveball, and buck the trend of asking easy questions up to a point, and ask something completely obscure on one of the first five questions. It’s mean, and it’s wrong, and it’s only done to humiliate the person who gets the answer wrong, and leaves with nothing. This time was not one of those times. This was as easy a question as you’re likely to get.

What is the plural of “this”?

A: These  B: Those  C: Themselves  D: Thus

You’d assume that this is a question the contestant would joke about, maybe pretending to struggle over the answer before assuredly delivering the correct response. Not this guy. Not only does he struggle over it for a minute: he actually ended up asking the audience! Hello!?!?! I don’t want to start making this blog a place for me to sit back and call people idiots, but if you’re being stupid on national TV, you deserve everything you get. Especially when it’s as simple a question on English grammar as that. Y’know: the language that guy has spoken all his life?!?

Am I being arrogant here? To assume that a basic knowledge of English would be something you’d think necessary before venturing onto a televised quiz show? I mean, if he didn’t pick that kind of thing up over his forty or so years on this planet, he’s not likely to do very well, is he? (He’s currently on £4,000, with no lifelines left, and I’m sincerely hoping he leaves with £1,000.) Maybe I’m just holding people to too high a standard?

Ugh. There’ll come a day where everyone who can’t meet my basic expectations will be wiped from the face of the Earth. I’m not joking. Especially since this blithering idiot just took the £4,000 and bolted. Come on, guy! You don’t deserve that money! Can you imagine him trying to spend it?

Guy: “Um, can I buy themselves DVDs?”

Shop Worker: “Excuse me?”

Retribution is coming your way, world. Cold, deranged retribution.


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